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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Go to http://cchsuperstar.com/register
2. Fill in all the empty fields with your information.
3. Make sure you don’t use characters č, ć, š, đ, ž – use c, s, d, z instead
4. In the SAP ID field insert your SAP ID in the YU.... format.
5. Create a password
6. Click on Register and become a superstar!
7. After the verification of your SAP ID, you will need to enter some basic info about yourself (position, function, picture etc).

If you are experiencing problems while creating your account, please contact our support at cchsuperstar@cchellenic.com.

If you cannot log in even after resetting your password, please contact our support at cchsuperstar@cchellenic.com.

If you forgot your password, you can create a new one in a few easy steps.

In the login page click on Forgot my Password. Enter the email address you can access to receive the link for password reset.

Once you receive the link, click on in to reset your new password.

Once you click on Change my Password button, you will be able to log in to your account with the new password.

1. In the Search bar write down the name of the colleague you want to recognize.

2. On their page you will be able to choose the list of activities you can recognize them for.

3. Pick an activity, and in the empty field below describe what they did.

4. You can also attach a picture.

5. If the colleague you want to recognize doesn’t have an active account you can invite them to join by inserting their email and clicking ok.

Of course, you can! On your profile page you can share what you are proud of. Choose one activity from the list, describe what you did, how you felt, or what it means to you. If you have a nice picture feel free to attach it. You can also collect points for sharing what you are proud of.

The points do not depend on the category, the points depend on whether the recognition is coming from you (1 point) or others (2 points). If you are a Line Manager you will be able to see a hidden category called Superstar where you can recognize your direct reports for simplifying and being the Growth Mindset example (3 points).

You can recognize yourself or your colleague for activities that are corresponding to CCH values. List and detailed description, as well as values to which they correspond, you can see here. For each value, represented as one of our beverage, you collect points on a monthly and annual basis.

On your profile page in the boxes on the left side you can see the portfolio you’ve collected so far and how many points in each category you have. On the right side of your profile you can see the top three colleagues in the current month and top three colleagues in the current year. By clicking on view more, you will be redirected to the scoreboard page, where you can scroll through all the scores for the current or previous months, or for the current or previous year.

The points from last month do not accumulate in regard to collecting points for the monthly prize. Each month you start from scratch. When it comes to counting points for the yearly award, points collected throughout the months accumulate and the person who won most points during the 12 months will be in the 1st place.

Once you collect 10 points from a certain category you will receive a badge and a title!

For example, if you collect 10 points in Coca-Cola category you will receive the Coke Ninja title and a badge. Let’s see if you can collect them all.

Jack Daniels is the category that can be awarded only by your line manager, and it carries more points.